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As a proud Filipino business, La Peregrina Filipina endeavors to make available to enthusiasts in the Philippine community, unique quality brands of wine, spirits, and authentic food products that are of value and imported into the Philippines for the first time. La Peregrina Filipina aims to satisfy the continuously evolving palate of the Filipino gourmet.

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About La Peregrina Filipina

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La Peregrina Filipina was established in early 2019 and operates as a corporation between family and friends. Inspiration for starting this company comes from the roots of our Spanish-Filipino heritage and a profound appreciation of the many deep and beautiful layers of cultures from across the globe that have enriched our descendants, past and present, through their travels and diaspora.


Our Mission and Service

     At La Peregrina Filipina Inc., we understand that the food and beverage industry is constantly reshaping. We strive to serve as a cultural bridge by partnering with global producers in the importation, distribution and marketing of quality brands and authentic specialty products from all over the world that can be found no place else in the Philippines. La Peregrina Filipina aims to offer an exclusive and diverse F&B experience to satisfy the ever growing curiosity of the Filipino niche market.

     There are many good wines and spirits waiting to be discovered. As so, we make our unique product selection available to Filipino consumers by collaborating with family owned winemakers and distillers who value nature and specialize in artisanal methods to produce traditional and culturally authentic products.


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Quality and Boutique Wines

We can supply events, weddings, personal or corporate affairs. 

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Bodegas Viña Elena

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Bodegas Luzón Organic

Bodegas Luzón Premium

Bodegas Luzón Colección

Let us know what type of wine you seek. Our  WSET  educated staff will be happy to offer suggestions to suit your taste.

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Our Partners

Women Winemakers and Winery Proprietors

Innovators, Trailblazers and Revolutionaries


Featured Regions

Iconic Wines and Spirits that Typify Cultures

 The wines and spirits are selected based on the characteristics of the region, quality of the products, and the passion and vision for the future of the producers who also ensure that the sustainability of the ecological system is maintained throughout all the phases of production.

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"It takes intelligence not wealth, to know what taste and culture is"


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