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La Peregrina Filipina

As a proud member of the Philippine community, La Peregrina Filipina endeavors to make available affordable quality Mezcal spirits and authentic food products only grown and produced in Mexico. 

La Peregrina Filipina strives to satisfy the thirst and appetite of the continuously growing Filipino consumers by introducing and distributing imported Mexican goods and spirits. 

Explore the mystery of our specialty products and read more to learn about our services.

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About La Peregrina Filipina

Con Mucho Gusto

La Peregrina Filipina was newly established in 2019  and operates as a corporation between family and friends. Inspiration for starting this company is rooted in the Spanish heritage of our family and a profound appreciation of the many deep and beautiful layers of Hispanic and Mexican culture which we intend to share with our fellow Filipinos through the food and beverage experience.

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La Peregrina Filipina is Spanish for "The Filipina Pilgrim." Our name was inspired and influenced by the similarities in history, culture, values, and religion of both Mexico and the Philippines. The two countries were once part of the Spanish empire and are bound by many cultural traits and traditions. In fact, the Filipino diaspora to Mexico and other parts of the Spanish speaking world is often omitted from history.

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Our Mission

At La Peregrina Filipina Inc., we understand that the food and beverage industry is constantly reshaping. We endeavor to serve as a bridge for the Hispanic culture to the Filipino people by importing and offering authentic specialty products to an underserved niche market that will promote great tasting Mexican/Hispanic goods and services in the Philippines and provide Filipinos with the most compelling authentic Mexican/Hispanic food and beverage experience.

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Our Premium Products

Since 2000, has made it its top priority to supply clients with the best products available. Our team of 10 committed employees work hard to guarantee that whenever our clients think of quality, they’ll be thinking of us. Take a look at our wide range of inventory and shop for your every culinary need.

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We are currently adding to our inventory and updating our website. We will soon be in full operation and thank you for your patience.



Made in Mexico for at least 400 years, Mezcal or Mescal (/mɛˈskæl/, Spanish: [mesˈkal]  is a Mexican distilled alcoholic beverage made from AGAVE plants. The word Mezcal comes from the Nahuatl word  "mexcalli" [meʃˈkalːi], which means "oven-cooked agave."

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The agave, which is indigenous to Mexico and southwestern U.S.A., was one of the most sacred plants in pre-Spanish Mexico and had a privileged position in religious rituals, mythology and the economy. Cooking of the "piña" or heart of the agave and fermenting its juice was practiced. The origin of this drink has a myth. It is said that a lightning bolt struck an agave plant, cooking and opening it, releasing its juice. For this reason, the liquid is called the "elixir of the gods."


Mezcal Versus Tequila: What’s the Difference?

Mezcal is a Mexican distilled spirit that is made from the agave plant. Tequila is technically a Mezcal; however, there are differences in production technique and in the types of agave used. Tequila is made from a single type of agave plant – the blue agave tequilana  – and can only be produced in the state of Jalisco and in small parts of four other states.

Mezcal, on the other hand, can be produced from more than 30 varieties of agave (including blue agave). While most Mezcal is made from espadin agave grown in the state of Oaxaca, traditional methods include one or more of the dozens of types of wild agave varieties allowed for mezcal production.

Other Mezcal producing areas in Mexico that carry the Denomination of Origin classification include the states of Guerrero, Durango, San Luis Potosi and Zacatecas.

The varying types of agave and the terroir of the region it's grown and distilled means there is a lot of complexity of flavors in Mezcal.  

Although traditionally, Mezcal has a very unique, smoky flavor that makes it fairly easy to distinguish from Tequila. 


The agave plant is part of the Agavaceae family which has almost 200 subspecies.

The mezcal agave has very large, thick leaves with points at the ends. Which type of agave a producer uses largely depends on the area which it's made. The agave is harvested when it is close to reproduction. When it is mature, it forms a "piña" or heart in the center from which juice is extracted to be converted to mezcal. The plants are roasted in the ground under stone and dirt, and then fermented agave juice is distilled in wood-burning clay pots or copper stills. The agave generally lives for around 15-30 years. It takes between seven and 25 years for the plant to mature, depending on the species and whether it is cultivated or wild. 



Mezcal is widely known for the agave “worm” (or GUSANO) that floats toward the bottom of the bottle. In fact, it is not a “worm” at all, but one of two insect larvae (a caterpillar of a night butterfly or the larvae of the agave snout weevil) that can infest yucca and agave plants. Some think the "worm" in the bottle started as a marketing ploy, while others allude to the "worm" being preserved in alcohol as proof of Mezcal's potency.  

Today, you'd be hard pressed to find a "worm" at the bottom of any quality bottles. The spirit stands out on its own, gimmicks are not necessary.

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"Knowing how to enjoy Mezcal takes intelligence"

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