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Glass of Red Wine

La Peregrina Filipina

As a proud Filipino business, La Peregrina Filipina endeavors to make available to enthusiasts in the Philippine community, unique quality brands of wine, spirits, and authentic food products that are of value and imported into the Philippines for the first time. La Peregrina Filipina aims to satisfy the continuously evolving palate of the Filipino gourmet.

Explore the mystery of our select and premium products and read more to learn about our services.

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About La Peregrina Filipina

Con Mucho Gusto

La Peregrina Filipina was established in early 2019 and operates as a corporation between family and friends. Inspiration for starting this company comes from the roots of our Spanish-Filipino heritage and a profound appreciation of the many deep and beautiful layers of cultures from across the globe that have enriched our descendants, past and present, through their travels and diaspora.

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La Peregrina Filipina is Spanish for "The Filipina Pilgrim."

Following the pilgrims of the middle ages who brought back tokens from their journeys to holy places, the traders in the Age of Discovery who returned home with riches of the new world, and to the modern context of the Filipino custom of bringing "pasalubong" back home, our business draws influence from the long standing human tradition of returning from distant places traveled with new things, goods or gifts.

La Peregrina Filipina travels the world and makes distinct products available at your doorstep.

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Our Mission

At La Peregrina Filipina Inc., we understand that the food and beverage industry is constantly reshaping. We strive to serve as a cultural bridge by partnering with global producers in the importation, distribution and marketing of quality brands and authentic specialty products from all over the world that can be found no place else in the Philippines.  La Peregrina Filipina aims to offer an exclusive and diverse F&B experience to satisfy the ever growing curiosity of the Filipino niche market.

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Our Premium Products

We are currently updating our inventory and website. We will be in full service shortly.

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Quality and Boutique Wines

Vinos De Jumilla

 We at La Peregrina believe that there is so much good wine waiting to be discovered. And thus far, we have uncovered some of these fabulous gems from the DOP Jumilla region in Spain, the primary home  of the Monastrell grape. You have come to the right place to explore these wonderful Jumilla wines only available in the Philippines through La Peregrina Filipina. Click on Shop to learn more about how you can purchase.

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"It takes intelligence not wealth, to know what taste and culture is"

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Get In Touch

Interested in doing business with La Peregrina? Contact us to see what we can do for you. Our business hours are M-F: 8am-5pm.

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